Portslade Bowls Club Ltd

Welcome to all newcomers, we are very pleased that you have decided to join us. It is very important that you please read the following message.

Portslade Bowls Club Ltd. is required, like all the other organisations in the UK, to be in compliance with the law regarding the ‘safety and wellbeing of children and any vulnerable adults’ whether they are on the bowls club premises’ or else travelling to and from away games. In addition to all legal requirements, the Company endeavours to operate within the guidelines regarding safety which are issued by Bowls England, our governing body.

The Company’s Safeguarding Policy is covered in its Articles of Association, (Article 34 refers), a copy of which is kept in the Pavilion. A Safeguarding Officer (SO) has been appointed by the Company who will ensure compliance of those requirements as stated in Article 34. 

Please feel able to discuss any concerns that you may have at any time whilst you are with the Bowls Club.  The SO will advise you accordingly. Our Safeguarding Officer will be pleased to answer any questions which you may have. (Contact details are given below.)

Any Club Member who is likely to come into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults on a regular basis, (i.e.those who run our beginners’ sessions), will be vetted by the UK’s Disclosure and Barring Service. It is also our Company’s policy to ask the club’s coaches to undertake the appropriate safeguarding course(s).

Currently we have no members under 18 years, however should anyone under 18 years of age request to join then the Safeguarding Officer will wish to discuss with their parents/guardian about their child’s medical records. The SO will also require emergency contact numbers. The Club Captain will advise parents / guardians of the travel arrangements to an away game if transport is being provided by a club member.

Regarding the Club’s social activities, food is often supplied by members that have been prepared in their own kitchens. The Club cannot provide any information about the ingredients used, especially food allergens nor make any comment about the cleanliness of the premises where the food was prepared. Food is eaten at your own risk!

The Company’s Directors require everyone to be aware of the Safeguarding Officer’s function and thus give their full support in the successful implementation of the Company’s Safeguarding policy.

Our Bowls Club is inclusive and it wants both members and visitors to feel welcomed and comfortable when on the club’s premises. Should anyone make you feel less than easy, do please let the Safeguarding Officer know so that the situation can be addressed appropriately.

If you have any queries or questions, please do contact the Safeguarding Officer.

Debbie Crumpton.

Nov 2023